Monday, June 15, 2009

A Rule of Matter

Vocation is actually a continual ‘yes’ to God. Saying ‘yes’ the first instance creates a bigger possibility of saying ‘yes’ the second time around. However, likewise is saying ‘no,’ or ‘not yet’. Vocation is such a mystery that one would never know if it’s really his until that time when one is in front of God. And so, I am saying ‘yes’ to an unknown future ahead of me and likewise I say at some point these days my ‘no’, opening the possibility of a new ‘yes’ to an uncertain tomorrow.

How would one’s hand hold another if one’s still holding someone else’s hand? How can one fill a jar that is full? No two matters can occupy the same space all at the same time. One has to let go of the other so one may hold and fill those empty spaces in between those fingers. One has to empty the jar so as to fill it up with everything one can offer.

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