Sunday, August 13, 2006

My Hope

Hopeless, I now feel
Everything seems to be meaningless
I am discouraged

Kneeling, I prayed hard
Looking around everywhere
I am in struggle

Blue and white, natures of hope
It’s then I knew it was you
And I hoped again

Mary assumed into heaven body and soul. Pray for us.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


People come and go
Today their here
Tomorrow their gone
Most of the time, for a reason we don’t understand

The reasons may be as simple as this
And maybe as big as that
For us, maybe significant
For him, maybe totally not

Nothing is certain
And nothing will be
You might try to build something now
But for how long it’ll last, wait and see

Yet behind these truths
You continue to love
Your past reminds you of your trying
And now you’re trying ones again

Say, there’s no harm in trying
But hurt in trying there’s
It’s just a matter of faith, hope, and love
And how you can ease the hurt for him up above

Never feel empty because of him
You would never know if he also feels empty because of you
Don’t even be tempted to think that you’re the only one hurting
You would never know how hurtful the situations were for him

Offer you hurt and never think that you’re alone
You would never know his intentions and motives
Maybe he’s also hurting for you
You would never know

"Equilibrium" is dedicated to Sem. Chino Reyes.
Thank you for being such an inspiration.