Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hungry with You, Hungry for You

What love can be greater than to lay one’s life for one’s friend? To give everything? Today is Corpus Christi Sunday. This feast is the celebration of the Body and Blood of Christ continually offered in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Just a thought from a good homily I heard this morning. “Di ba kung love mo, pakakainin mo? Di ba kung love mo, bubusugin mo? Kung pwede nga lang, magtake-out ka pa, gagawin mo…” This is how we love. We give. We give the best. And what giving could be better than giving one’s life for the other. Indeed Christ doesn’t only offer us much; he offers us everything by offering himself. In return, I hope our longing and hunger for God is also as much as everything, and translate that longing to fill the same hunger of others as well. And so I ask, what hunger can I fill for others?

I hope I won’t get tired giving and loving anytime soon.

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