Monday, June 01, 2009


It is vacation when the sex scandal issue popped out. And since then, I guess, it became featured news on all local TV channels every night. It is personally irritating. I couldn’t believe that people are buying that issue. However, days passed and the issue became the talk of the metro, and worst, I believe is that it became a matter of national interest.

It is alarming to know that there is much catastrophe and confusion brought about by the scandal. However, I believe that there is a deeper issue here than just seeing it as a personal conflict between two persons.

First, by the spread of the scandal I see how low people view physical intimacy. It is as if telling people that “sex is cheap,” that we can buy it for a price too like any other stuff in a department store. Instead, we believe as Catholics that sex is sacred. It is sacred because it is bound by a covenant, a covenant of love which we fondly call marriage. Aside from this truth, we come to a point that we believe that everyone has a power to do anything whatever one wants without regard to another person’s feeling. Sex without the firm foundation of love inside marriage is bound to fail. This may serve as a reminder to people, especially women about one’s responsibility to sexual relationship.

Second, the reaction of the public regarding the scandal is over rated. I guess there is a need of change of perspective, or if possible a change of attitude towards sex. Filipinos are generally brought up bearing the thought that sex is bad, or out of this world. However, I believe that the attitude towards sex can be unlearned by reeducating and refreshing one’s self to its purpose and nature.

Third, the issue has become a venue for politics. Election time is just around the corner and these politicians will get as much publicity as possible even if they aren’t sincere just to gain “pogi points” to the public. I still believe that we have hope. In fact we are hope. Thus, everyone, even non-voters should involve themselves to know whom to vote. We are not just voting people here. We are voting our future.

My reflection ends with a realization that the scandal has become a matter of national interest because the issue isn’t just about some persons involved but because we share the same story with them. The sex video scandal is a reality check to all of us of how we look at ourselves and others, either with cheapness or respect. It calls for a change of view and openness to the topic of sex, and that such issue may be a venue for politicking thus reminding us too of our responsibility to ourselves and the nation.

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aries_arevalo_ax said...

Hmm... sadly, the Filipino media blows up the small issues. It is even sadder thinking that the Filipino people are fed with such immoral news.