Friday, February 15, 2008

Seek and You Shall Find

Seek and you shall find. Mt 7:7 The process of seeking for what has been here for so long is something difficult. This may sound skeptical but the search for the call to happiness becomes tiring sometimes. Am at ease for now, and am not satisfied with that. And so, I continue the search.


aries_arevalo_ax said...

difficult. but even if we don't ask, God knows what we need. but God does not want spoon-fed answers. DIG FOR IT! ASK HIM!

He will answer in riddles, as He does to me. But in due time, you will look at the pieces of clues and see the whole picture, and say EUREKA! NOW THAT's THE ANSWER!

Anonymous said...

baka you need to refocus. baka mali ang hinahanap mo kaya kahit na akala mo nakita mo na hindi ka pa satisfied. try asking if that is what God wants you to search.

sometimes the answer is on the question itself.


(nagpamysterious iyong message para magkakwentuhan uli, hehehe)