Monday, February 04, 2008

I Beg to Fall In Love With Thee

I beg to fall in love with thee, my Lord
With every breath of life I take
I beg to fall in love with thee, my Lord
Its every beat, I to thee forsake

For even if my thoughts fall short of knowing you
And even if my will runs terrified
Your passion thins the darkness of my soul
Sheds it light, breathes it life, stills the murmur of the night

For even if my heart falls short of loving you
And even if my spirit hides away
Your love for me surpasses all my fear

All I do, all I am, all that I can ever be

Lord, I want to love you. If only I could then, I surely would. My heart is filled with emptiness right now. I see many things not running smoothly. Where is love in those scenes? Learning to love you is a struggle, and if I need to struggle more than what I feel right now, go keep on coming. I don’t want to miss life altogether all because I’ve not loved you. I beg to love you.


Anonymous said...

even Jesus asked God why He was forsaken by His Father...then he accepted... and then he surrendered....everything...and then resurrection came.


Anonymous said...

i like your blog:)

anne said...

Nice sure lot's of people are being blessed by u and the things you write and do for the Lord..=)

Anonymous said...

We heard this song today for the first time when we attended mass. It caught my attention coz my daughter (5yrs. old) was singing it. I asked her if she knew the song and she said yes. However, I believe that it was really the first time coz we always go to church together. I copied the lyrics so I could search it on the net and to let her listen to it. While I was searching I came upon to your blog.
What you have here is inspiring and reassuring for me, it made me realize that I am not the only person who is searching and longing for our Lord. Maybe this song is just an instrument for me in finding what I am continuously searching for.


Anonymous said...

i beg to fall inlove with you my Lord..may i know the singer of this my friend? i love this song soo much.. thank you..