Thursday, August 25, 2005

It is Madness

To hate all roses
because you got scratched with one thorn...

To give up on your dreams
because one didn’t come true...

To lose faith in prayers
Because one was not answered...

To give up on your efforts
Because one of them failed...

To condemn all your friends
Because one betrayed you...

Not to believe in love
Because someone was unfaithful or didn’t love you back...

To throw away all your chances to be happy
Because you did not succeed on the first attempt....

I hope that as you go on your way
You don’t give in to madness

Remembering always ...
Another chance may come up
Another friend
A new love
A renewed strength
Be persistent
Look for hapiness in every day

The sure path to failure is to give up! It is often through failure that future success come – KEEP TRYING!

God bless you.

This message was sent to me by Kuya Gary. He is really my source of inspiration often when I feel alone and down now a days. This message struck me when I read it this evening. When I was reading it, I didn't noticed that I was already crying.

The message is full of hope, but upon thinking about my present condition today, I begin to realize and begin to ask myself if I was growing and being more mature to what the present situation is demanding from me.

I have loved many things in my past. I have realized that every experience is unique. It can't be compared to any experience. It will not be the same people anymore. It will not be the same feeling anymore. All we can do is to learn to accept that many more will come. Many experiences with people that you'll meet in your journey. Many more trials and sufferings will surely come and yet we are all reminded to look for our hapiness day by day.

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