Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Born to Love: Loving is Forever

"Once you love that person, you never stop loving him."

In our lives, we meet many people, we make friends to these people and we eventually end up in loving them. People come and go. This is the fact that often gives us pain, and fear. The pain and fear of loosing someone.

As time passes by, we become attached to our love ones. There are chances that even our hapiness depends on them.

But the feeling subsides. Naturally, we should grow. And growth never stops in knowing someone that you've learned to love.

Eventually, we would tend to reach out to others and continue our journey of growth. We make the choices and decisions to fulfill our missions in life. Though it may hurt us often to detach and leave our comfort zones for us to still search and descern for our own growth, it will help us realize that it is the reality that we never ever stop loving the persons that had already become part of our growth.

They might not be anymore around when you need them because they're gone to search more opportunities to grow, but we must admit, loving never stops because they're not present with us. I know, "MAY PAKI PARIN AKO. KASI MAHAL KO SILA, KASI NAGING BAHAGI SILA NG PAGIGING AKO."ΓΌ

Prayer: Lord, thank you for giving us the opportunity to feel and give love. May we use this gift to grow, not to have fear and pain in loosing someone and to entrust ourlives only to you. Amen.


stirfriedgizzard said...

inlab ka? =D

stirfriedgizzard said...

ay.. oo nga pala.. maguusap pa tayo.. wag ka na masyadong magisip ha.. makakasama sayo yan... ok? ingat lagi! God bless.. =)