Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On the Road Again

What the heart decides is what really matters… so it decides without counterfeit, without fraud, and without lie. And though honestly uncertain about God’s will, I follow my heart and finds in it what my leaving is all about; that my heart still finds itself lost inside a place unknown to it and yet loved by it, that it still longs for something more, for something else, for someone else that it has always tried to seek for years and yet recently confronted with the truth that what it has persevered seeking is never there and is elsewhere after all.

So I’ll go with my heart so sure, yes without regrets, and also with certainty that it’ll miss what it used to do, how it used to live, and who it used to be. So I’ll go in the middle of the busy year giving an impression that my leaving is untimely, but who knows my heart but God alone, I need not explain further. And though my leaving seems untimely, I find it most fitting and perfectly fine to go ahead after a good discernment in front of life’s junction for years. I am taking a path not quite far different from the usual, though one significant distinction from the usual is that I decide to take a road less traveled.

To my formators, my brothers in the seminary, my family, friends and benefactors. I leave with a grateful heart. May the spark of God found in each and every one of you bring you closer to Him by also finding in one another the spark with which yours will ignite brighter, causing you to discover the fire of His love for you. Thanks much for the support, kindness, and affection.

I move on.

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Anonymous said...

you're leaving the seminary?