Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Alfred's Psalm 23

“If we live life without loving God, we miss life altogether.” – Fr. Alfred Cogliandro, SDB +

Today is the 15th death anniversary of Fr. Alfred. I have glanced at posts of some friends in the congregation and most of their posts today speak about Fr. Cogliandro. I have never met this great salesian, but I encounter him most of the time through the good night talks, those moments of grace where I get to acknowledge his wisdom and holiness. The stories behind the holy life that he has lived and how he prepared towards death are all history, but one thing’s sure, he was most prepared to die; he was ready to meet his Creator.

Let me share in Fr. Cogliandro’s thought regarding his motto. I think none of us does things at the same time yet gives the same focus needed. If I choose to do things with certainty, therefore that choice gives the element of surrender to what I might have done on the other given option, and then we miss the other stuff. Only to find out that we’ve also done the other option in another given time, at another given choosing moment. What I mean is that there are things that need to be accepted first before complaining about them. I remember my first weeks in the seminary, I was grumbling greatly about how they (my co-seminarians) do things and how they give variety of reasons about their way of life. After some time, I’ve learned to get along the adjustment struggle and started to seek the reasons in the way of life I wanted for myself as a seminarian.

Yes, we miss things, but missing life would be a devastating truth for someone. Let’s not miss life; let’s not miss loving God.

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