Saturday, July 14, 2007

Incidents Not Accidents

When God creates, His creation is realized by his outpouring love; and we came about because there is a God who has always shared his extra Godly love. Though identified as the highest form of creation, we benefit from the truth that we share His extras brought about by His own being, which makes us truly little less than a god. And I guess, this realization should broaden our perspective on how we are to live the gift of life, that since we are mere extras made into being, we are also to choose to share, love and live life by and through the same love that we’re.

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Anonymous said...

hi kuya... i really miss you... kindly do me a favor.. next time we see each other, sing to me that song... please? i don't want to hear it from a cd or a tape. i want to hear it from you because only cielo, loren and danielle heard you singing that song when you were teaching them. hehe. please? oh, and by the way.. may i ask if you have a song for us, the maksci babies/angels? hehehe..Ü