Saturday, June 30, 2007

Who Writes?

At the moment, people (seminarians) here who own blogs have similar entries sharing different viewpoints on the philosophy of writing. It’s a requirement in their subject, and when you see their pieces, all of them bound to answer this question: “why do I write?”

From there, I have also started to justify personal answers to the same question. So, where do you think should I draw them? As I write this article, I am trying to picture a writer when he writes. As a skill, he writes for discovery, comprehension and integration of what the mind knows and what it would want to express. Otherwise, the art of writing gives him a sense of fulfillment and liberty. Most of the time, he writes because he just feels like writing. His writing lives in him and he in his writing.

When I write, the motive of writing mirrors the product of my work, thus I become my own piece.

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