Saturday, June 30, 2007

Soar High Under

Born for Greater Things! This has been the cry of Don Bosco Canlubang for the past years of its existence while it is still vital challenge to everyone up to the time-being.

But how does someone become great in the eyes of his lauder? Perhaps a good number of people here have their idols or people whom they look up to. It might also be said that they have this binding commonality which moves them to laud and acknowledge the influence of his power. If this factor truly exists then what is it?

I often process the feeling of being envious to people who project themselves to the public as superheroes who feel that they are indispensable in the eyes of the people they meet as they try to save the world while their motives suffer in the unprocessed part of their being. But possibly, this phenomenon was never cited in the viewpoint of a lauder.

I am a lauder myself. I also have idols. I have my definition on how I should deal with them. I am a part of my question. I also have in me that binding force from which we lauders are unconscious. If I may identify my issue, let me say that it is our desire to be like them that makes us a wanderer. Though the existing truth is, we would not just want to be like them, but as we identify, we corrupt and yield ourselves to the same identity thus, we become – them.

Probably, “born for greater things” imply that the moment we were formed in the womb accompanies us in the reality towards our great being. Nevertheless greatness doesn’t stop there. As we progress through the years, it becomes clear to us that there is more in being the great person for it was already a given, and it is from there that our call to higher things comes to realization. We are great in our nature, and it is in that same nature that we would desire to be more. But the call towards surpassing this given nature challenges us not to desire higher but to dig deeper in the discovery of ourselves; self-mastery.

“If it dies, it bears much fruit.” - Jn 12:24 Let me die in my greatness and my desires of reaching the blue sky that my person may long for his deeper reason, and in digging deep I may grow and bear much fruit, better than before.

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