Thursday, January 19, 2006

For Love and In Love

It’s been seven months now since I had my orientation in the salesian seminary. Still I have this question in my mind that never stops asking. “Why are the chores in the seminary daily alike? Aren’t they tired of doing these things without ceasing? And philosophical about it, they’ll perform these acts for the rest of their lives…”

Whenever I would ask people about this one, they would often answer me: “Masaya kami sa ginagawa namin, bakit kami mapapagod?” And when I hear this statement, it just doesn’t fit! Still I cannot understand.

Later, I was thinking of how to get rid of this tiredness in my heart, the tire of loving and of giving. And from there, I remembered the joy and happiness in the seminarians’ daily chore. I tried to empathize in their position. Yes it was quite fulfilling but I kept on asking for a better response from God. Still, it’s a mystery that I cannot decode.

Reasoning on things, I arrived convincing myself that joy and happiness was never complete without love. God’s name was Love. Ill do it for Love and in Love, therefore we do it for God and in God. Yes! This is the answer that I was waiting for. haha

“It doesn’t matter how rigid or simple a chore was done. As long as great love was devoted to do it, it becomes the greatest vocation for man.”

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