Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Pilgrims Journey

Pilgrim's Theme

Tired of weaving dreams too loose for me to wear
Tired of watching clouds repeat their dance on air
Tired of getting tired of doing what's required
Is life a mere routine in the greater scheme of things

Through with taking roads someone else designed
Through with chasing stars that soon forget to shine
Through with going through one more day - what's new
Does my life still mean a thing in the greater scheme of things

I think I'll follow the voice that calls within
Dance to the silent song it sings
I hope to find my place
So my life can fall in place
I know in time I'll find my place
In the greater scheme of things

Each must go his way, but how can I decide
Which path I should take, who will be my guide
I need some kind of star to lead me somewhere far
To find a higher dream in the greater scheme of things

The road before me bends, I don't know what I'll find
Will I meet a friend or ghosts I left behind
Should I even be surprised that You're with me in disguise
For it's Your hand I have seen in the greater scheme of things

This song reminds me everything about how my vocation all started. It explains myself and how I feel for God. My direction is uncertain, yet God leads me to the path I chose. I have my dreams, I have my goals but they are all empty. It is he who fills me with everything while I am in my journey. To the people whom God has used to be an instrument in helping me and believing in me, thank you. I will be firm with the help of your prayers. To embrace God's call and not to turn away from it.

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