Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ode to Goodbye

These angels left me for a while
I hope they would come back for me
I miss their angelic voices
Their smiles filling my heart with joy

Tell me that you're still with me
Ready to catch me when I fall again
Your soft whispers tickles my soul
When things are not in their proper circulation

Hold my hands once again
Fill the empty spaces between them
I want to feel ones again your warm embraces
Wrap me in your wings like you'll never leave me

I pray to God that he may allow us
To see each other even for the last
It's near that I'll come walking tall
A son embracing his fathers call


venice estela said... your prayer!
pwede b i-pirate?!:)

Ron Evangelista said...

agnes... hello.
kaw bahala.
a prayer is a prayer.
as long as it helps u.
no one prevents u 2 pray it and share it.
teker. god bless.

venice estela said...

nakanaman! isa ba ako sa mga endyels mo? issue! yihee!!!