Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Servant-leaders: Born for Greater Things

What does the word servant-leader speaks about? In grammar, this is a compound noun, a paradox particularly; two words joined as one so that another word may arise; a new word, a new identity and a new and better purpose.

A servant is defined as a person working in the service of another. It is also synonymous to the word “slave,” a person that is in obedience of another individual. A leader is distinct as the one who is in charge or in command of others. He may also be a guide and a director of his subject (the one under his authority).

It is quite paradoxical and unconvincing to see a word exists such as “servant-leader.” It contradicts the meaning and the purpose of both words. Well it’s already given. So believe because there is such term and such people! Or? Are there really such people? Hmmm?

Oh! I know one person, or may I say, “one who had become a person”. He is the pride of the human race, no one else but God himself trough Christ. Jesus is the perfect epitome of servant-leadership. And he says; "whoever would be greatest among you must be servant of all." Mk 10:43-44, understand that no one can surpass nor attain God’s servant-leadership, but we can always “Try.”

Are you in to be a servant-leader? Then you must learn how to serve, how to be a servant, how to be a person that submits to the will of God, how to be a man committed to his duty and how to be a man of great purpose. “For in great service comes great responsibility and in great responsibility comes a great leader.”

As the motto of the seminarians and bosconians in Don Bosco Canlubang goes, “Ad majore Natus” which means; born for greater things. Leaders of today, you are challenged to choose the better things for you are bearers of Christ’s example of perfect servant-leadership.

*To the newly elected student leaders of Don Bosco Mandaluyong, you are channels of God’s love for the young, you are born for greater things, may you choose the better things. God gave you the opportunity to serve your fellow youth, make him proud!


Jerome Quinto, SDB said...

ron! :D corrections.. :D
> servant-leader; paradox
> ad maiora / majora natus.. :D

more power!
God bless! and yngats palagi!
hope to see you soon..
i'm praying for you!

Ron Evangelista said...

origin muna nya bago paradox ehhe.. napakatechnical naman. grabe! ehe hope to see u soon.ΓΌ thnx, i pray for you

jhedi said...
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venice estela said...

ei ron!!! astig ah! kakaiyak pala yung motto ng bosconians!!