Friday, March 24, 2006

Ooops! Still Passing Through

You, yes you.
Still passing through?
Mahirap ba?
Okey lang yan. Kaya mo yan.
It's normal na malito.

Sana sa pagkalito,
May natututunan tayo.
Sana sa paghahanap,
May paglagong naipalalaganap.

You're in the context (or sana nasa context parin),
Do not worry, do not be afraid.
Take your time, wag magpapressure.
Do not let anyone bring you down.

You have an extraordinary gift,
A gift far beyond what the mind can think.
A present deeper than the heart can dig,
A world bigger, wider and greater than the ordinary.

Kaya congrats sa'yo!
Congrats, dahil pinili mo na.
Pinili mo nang maging totoo,
Pinili mong yakapin ang isang mundong nakahihigit sa'yo.

Lord, grant us
Eyes that longs to see the truth,
Ears that yearns to hear your call,
Lips that proclaims your glory,
Hands that are ready to help,
Feet that defies distance only to follow you,
That as we pass through this stage of adolecense, we may keep you in our company.

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