Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Hail Mary for You

In preparation for the birthday of Mama Mary, I started to pray the rosary last week until now whenever I am vacant. This is my gift and I want it to be a continuous devotion to her. And of course, I want a blow-out from her!ü blow-out naman jan! hehe! (Its between me and Mama Mary nalang...) Naisip ko... since the rosary has many "Hail Marys," I offer them all to the to the people I love (each of the beads represents a particular person...)and pray for their intentions.ü

Bukas na birthday ni Mama... Ikaw, may gift ka na ba? Ano bang gusto mong blow-out from her?ü Batiin mo naman sya sa birthday nya...


"Have devotion to Mary and You will see what miracles are." - St. John Bosco

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